Carpenter Rods

Carpenter rods - for your dream fish

Carpenter has become one of the most respected and trusted fishing tackle manufactures in saltwater fishing, GT fishing in particular.

Each model is designed by Kenji Konishi and he with his testing team spends significant amount of time on water for testing them until action, taper and durability become how they desire for the purpose - absolutely with no compromise.

It is generally quite a long process to develop each model however once they are released to the market there will be no need for future model change (exception to minor change to reflect anglers' needs or to update with newer graphite technologies which are not changing its character) and remain in a range for the rest - there will be no full model change by marketing strategy and anglers will be able to care and use their rods for long time.

Carpenter is confident that their rods will be a great companion for your expedition trips.

Blue Chaser Blue Chaser

For stickbaits and swim pencils (smaller size)

Target Fish: Kingfish, Tuna

Coral Viper Coral Viper

Lightweight all-round GT rods

Target Fish: GT, Kingfish

Endless Passion Endless Passion

Ultra lightweight versatile rods

Target Fish: GT, Tuna, Kingfish


Target Fish: GT, Kingfish, Tuna

Monster Hunter Monster Hunter

For monster Giant Trevally

Target Fish: GT, Kingfish, Tuna


Jigging rod series


Special low modulus graphite tuna rod for Shichiri

Target Fish: Tuna, Hiramasa

The Blue Lagoon The Blue Lagoon

For stickbaits and swim pencils

Target Fish: GT, Kingfish, Tuna

Black Current

Casting rods for other species

Target Fish: Dorado, Sailfish, Tuna

La Grande Mer - Supper Popping

Lightweight GT popping rods

Target Fish: GT


Special purpose rods from KLL